Sunday, 3 January 2016

You Know You're Nearly 30 When...

In celebration of my birthday this week here's a list of how you know when you've nearly reached the big 3-0...

1. You walk into a bar secretly hoping they might still ask you for ID and then delight if they do and realise how old you are

2. You mourn your Young Person's Railcard and its discount.. why is there no in-between railcard?!

3. You happily drink red wine after years of only having white or rose. Red wine was something your parents drank it wasn't for you, now you'll happily drink all the wine

4. You don't have a clue who's at number 1 in the charts and you're still surprised to find out it's no longer on a Sunday evening

5. You find yourself switching to Radio 2 more and more. You ain't got no time for dance music pre 10am. All the DJ's you used to listen to on Radio 1 seem to be on there now too

6. You keep thinking about your 30 things to do before you're 30 list and wondering why you haven't managed to buy your dream house, travel round the world and achieve all your goals in the last 12 months

7. Weekend plans revolve around brunch. Forget clubbing, brunch followed by just a quick drink in that bar.. which inevitably turn into several more. You can recover tomorrow on the sofa with a Come Dine With Me marathon

8. You walk through Topshop and know to head straight for the beauty section or handbags. You pass by the rails continuously questioning what is it, is it a top or a skirt?! You know to keep on walking

9. You get excited about going to a Farmers Market.. even if it's just to buy all the cakes, bread and cheese

10. You're expected to have a fully fledged skincare routine and to have been using anti ageing products for the past 10 years, you know, just in case. You know never to mention make up wipes to beauty consultants on the make up counters, you may as well tell them you've been washing your face with rocks

11. You can't cope with hangovers, especially as they now seem to last all weekend

12. Your social calendar fills up with weddings, hen do's and baby showers

13. When you're filling in a form you're annoyed when you now have to tick the next age bracket  

14. You enter a bar and it's one of your groups job to secure seats, you don't want to be standing up all night

15. You start to make practical purchases, yes you need that fancy new blender. It's surely the key to your sparkling new healthy lifestyle

16. You find yourself talking about something that happened at Uni and then realise it was 10 years ago

17. You don't understand Snapchat and you're happy to leave it to the 'young people' 

18. You realise you don't need to wear skyscraper heels on every night out, you'd much rather be able to walk without having to remove your shoes halfway through the night



  1. Haha I love a farmers market!! I also have a 30 before 30 list, but I like I think to think that I'm not nearly 30. Just on the wrong side of 25!

  2. I'm only 24 and relate to lots of this list, haha. Especially not coping with hangovers - this morning wasn't pretty ;)


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