Monday, 25 June 2012

Tried and Tested... Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss: Coralista

Benefit are launching a new range of ultra plush lip glosses this week to compliment their popular box o' powders. I kindly received the Coralista shade when attending a recent Benefit bloggers event. I've wanted to buy the Coralista box o'powder for a while now and this lip gloss has made me want it even more! 

Like lots of Benefit products the lip glosses smell amazing! Coralista has a gorgeous fruity scent. The lip glosses come in squeezable tubes with a slanted tip making them easy to apply and glide on silky smooth. 

I usually hardly ever wear lip gloss, mainly because I find them too sticky and hate it when my hair gets stuck to my lips! Since getting this one I keep finding myself reaching for it.. partly because I seem to be addicted to the scent but also because it's got a lovely light texture and is not at all sticky like other lip glosses. 

Coralista is a sheer coral shade. The colour is quite bright when swatched, I thought being quite pale it might look a bit harsh on me but when applied to my lips it looks quite subtle and is very wearable for everyday use. 

There's 5 other lip glosses in the collection, Hoola is a shimmering golden nude, Dandelion is a soft pearly pink, Dallas is a dusty rose shade, Sugarbomb is a shimmering pinky nude, and Bella Bamba is a sheer bright watermelon colour.

The lip glosses will be on sale from Thursday and retail at £13.50.

Will you be trying Benefit's new lip glosses? 
Are you a fan of their box o'powders



  1. Ah wow, this looks lovely! I LOVE coralista so this might be worth a closer look <3

  2. I'm glad it isn't s tick, I agree with you on how annoying it is when hair gets stuck in on your mouth! I'm on the hunt for a light coral so I will have a little look over at the Benefit stand! xxx

  3. That's so exciting! Looks wonderful.


    Luis (my blog!)

  4. You got me on 'Benefit'!! I love all their products :)

    Emma xx

  5. Such a fun color! And love most Benefit products so I would definitely try it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Such a fun colour! I desperately need to pop and check out Benefit in more detail!


  7. Ah I really want to get my hands on some of these, they look like a lovely formula. I have the boxes in Dandelion, Sugarbomb and Coralista, but I'm thinking about getting the Dallas gloss... we'll see. x


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