Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer with Havaianas

In celebration of National Flip Flop Day today I'm featuring my favourite flip flops, Havaianas! Since I was first introduced to the brand a few years ago it's fair to say I've become a Havaianas addict! They are by far the comfiest flip flops I've tried and don't hurt your feet even after a long day of sightseeing on holiday. The first pair I bought a few years ago are still going strong but I can't seem to resist buying a new pair each summer to keep up with the latest styles. They're continuously updating their colour range and introducing new patterns in line with the latest trends. They're a celebrity favourite too with many stylish stars including Blake Lively often spotted wearing them. 

Havaianas are available in their classic Brasil design, metallic colours, with slim style straps, patterned bases and their new colour mix designs. I also love the new style of criss cross straps I saw on display from Havaianas latest collection at the Yellowdoor A/W 12 press day  back in April. Their flip flops start from £16.00.

50th Anniversary Limited Edition Havaianas - £35.00

In celebration of their 50th anniversary this week Havaianas have created limited edition flip flops. This special edition retails at £35.00 with 100% of the net sales being donated to UNICEF to support further projects in Brazil. Only 50,000 pairs have been produced worldwide. The design is inspired by the trend in the 90s when Havaianas fans looking for new ways to style their flip flops turned the white side downwards leaving the coloured side facing upwards to create a new look. The trend became so popular it led to Havaianas launching their Top collection in a rainbow of colours. 

This summer Havaianas have once again teamed up with Missoni. For both Missoni and Havaianas nature is key, its seasons and changing colours inspire their designs. This new mini collection has been created using leftover rubber pieces from the manufacturing process to reduce waste. The multicoloured leftovers have been emblazed with Missoni's famous zig-zag patterns. The 'Missoni loves Havaianas' collection shares the two iconic brands flair for fashion and brings chic style to your feet. The collection will be available from the end of this month and prices start at £50.00

Are you a Havaianas fan?
What's your favourite style of flip flops?



  1. You want to know a shameful secret? I have NEVER ever owned a pair of flipflops! Where have I been?! These look super cute though nice + bright for the sunshine when it eventually decides to appear ;)


  2. I have always loved the crazy, fun designs!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I am actually not a fan. I try to stay away from wearing flops, unless I'm at the beach. :)

    ♥ laura
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  4. Those are some super cool prints! I'm not a big fan of flip flops but I don't mind some with a big dash of color ;)

  5. I didn't know there was a national flip flop day! How random. I love the look of these, but I just can't walk in them. Shame, because the Missoni ones are gorge! xxx

  6. I always hear that havianas are the godfather of flip flops but I never wear them, I don't like having anything between my toes so I just stick to my gladiators. My sister raves about havianas though :) xx

  7. Oooh flip flops! Obviously I'm gunna need these for my holidays! I never think to invest in flip flops because I have really big Sideshow Bob feet and I hate them so I usually pick up the first plain pair in Primark I can find. IF ONLY I HAD CUTE AND DAINTY FEET. If I did I would so invest in Havianas!

    Gemma x

  8. i dont get the fuss about havaianas.. plus the spelling is soo confusing !! lol or its probsbably coz i dont own one haha but hey cant go wrong with flip flops

  9. I like havianas. I'm also into Soludos this summer (not flip-flops, but so comfy)

    Courtney (Your newest follower)


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