Thursday, 12 April 2012

Monki Must Haves

H&M owned Swedish fashion brand Monki recently opened its doors on Carnaby Street. It's their first UK store following their successful concession range in Selfridges last year.
The stores quirky 'Sea of Scallops' themed interior reflects Monki's creative and fun style. The concept store is described as a walk in closet full of treasures!

These are some of my favourite items available in store and online

They have an affordable selection of wardrobe essentials mixed with their unique designs with most items under £30. I love their bright colours and mixture of prints. They also have a gorgeous range of accessories, funky jewellery and colourful bags. 

I can't wait to visit when I'm next in London!

Have you visited the new Monki store yet?



  1. i also like monki very much. my last buy was a grey boyfriend jacket of monki and i love it!

  2. Oh how I wish I lived in London. I mean, I ALWAYS wish that, but now I wish it even more. I want those sunnies, the dress, the kimono top, and that yellow blouse!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  3. I have just fallen in love with that mint skirt, going to check it out right now....

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. I really wish there was a store near me now! :( X

  5. Monki have reallly impressed me lately! I'd never heard of them and then BAMN they're everywhere with such gorgeous stuff! I need to get shopping I think.


  6. I went there on Friday and spent £80 in no time at all hahah! love it! I just did an OOTD that features a dress from Monki actually!! xx

  7. I love all of this clothes ! Amazing colours, factures and prints ! Kiss x


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