Friday, 30 March 2012

Tried and Tested... Lush Big Shampoo

I'd heard good things about Lush Big shampoo but I was a bit unsure about buying a large pot of it as I hadn't tried any of Lush's hair care range before. I was offered a sample to take away which I tried out over the following week and then headed straight back to buy the full size tub! 

Big is a volumising sea salt shampoo ideal for boosting limp locks that need a lift. It contains seaweed and coconut to soften your hair and is infused with lemon and lime to add shine. It's fragranced with mandarin, orange flower absolute and vanilla making it smell good too! 

Lush recommends that you need just two fingerfuls of Big on each application. Though this doesn't seem a lot it really is plenty, the sea salt crystals dissolve as you massage it in and easily form a lather. 

After the first time I used it I noticed a difference in my hair right away, it felt squeaky clean and as well as looking more volumised it looked shinier and was easier to style. 

I use mine with Lush's Veganese conditioner which has a lovely lemony scent and is designed not to weigh down your hair.

As it's quite a large tub and you only need to use a small amount each time I'm sure it'll last me a while.

Big shampoo retails at £10.95 for a 330g pot and you can buy online at Lush

Have you tried any of Lush's hair products? 



  1. I've had my eye on this for a while now but never wanted to spend £20 ish on a shampoo/conditioner combo! But now you've reviewed it I think I might - seems like just the thing my hair needs!

    1. It is quite pricey but it does last ages, I got my tub just after Christmas and I've still got at least half left after using it 2-3 times a week :) x

  2. I love Lush! I have been in the store a few times, and all of it smells so good... Haven't found a chance to buy something for myself yet, though.

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  3. it sounds like a great shampoo, lush has always tempted me...

  4. I have never tried any of their products, but this looks great. I'm a freak about high-quality shampoos, so try to convince me this one is better than the one I'm using now :P

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  5. I've heard mixed views about Lush's hair products but this sounds great (I bet it smells good too) xx

  6. oh man, if my hair had any more volume it would have it's own gravitational field. people already call me aslan! :( xx

  7. I love lush but have never tried their shampoo!! Lovely review, i'm sure it smells great!! I might be tempted to give it ago next time I'm in Lush! xx

  8. Thanks for sharing! I need some volume! I'm going to try it soon.


  9. That sounds amazing, bet it smells good too! I've never tried any of the lush haircare, I didn't even know they did any! Hope you had a good weekend?

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  10. You've just completely sold me! Sounds amazing


  11. I have never tried Lush prodcuts but by the sound of this I need to!

    Maria xxx

  12. I want this so much I was given a sample a little while ago and its been on my list ever since xx


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