Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cheryl Cole For Stylist Pick

Cheryl Cole revealed her debut shoe collection for shopping website Stylist Pick yesterday


The range features shoes for all occasions, from glamorous party heels to comfy flat boots. The 12 designs reflect Cheryl's personal style influences.

Ri Ri - £119.85

These leopard print trim ankle boots were named after fellow singer and fashion icon Rihanna

Your Royal Hotness - £79.90 (also available in black)

Inspired by one of this years hottest new style icons Pippa Middleton, these ankle strap heels feature studded detailing.

Glam Slam - £79.90

These sky high heels are perfect for adding some glitz to your outfit and sparkle to the dance floor this Christmas.

Byker Grove - £119.85

Cheryl paid homage to her Geordie roots naming these biker style boots after the popular children's TV show set in Newcastle.

You can view the full collection at Stylist Pick. New designs are expected to be revealed the New Year.

Who would be your style inspirations if you were designing your own shoe collection?

Which are your favourite pair?



  1. my favourites are the leopard print trimmed boots, doubt i'd actually be able to walk in them but they'd look good! xx

  2. I actually like the shoes in her photo they're very nice!

  3. I love those shoes she is modelling - royal hotness in black? Pretty sure I couldn't walk in them for long though. Are all of these for Stylist Pick? :s I thought you just paid £39.95 for whatever you chose each month.

    Laura x

  4. I think the ones she's wearing in the photos look awesome. I don't really like the ankle strap though but I suppose they are necessary because the shoes are so high!

  5. Ooo cool, I like the boots the best!

    Hybrid Hunter

  6. Gorgeous! I love those shoes inspired by Pippa Middleton. My style inspirations would be Blake Lively and Kate Middleton! Maybe Victoria Beckham as well.


    Erin @

  7. Considering that I'm definitely not a fan of Cheryls style I think these shoes are actually quite wearable I like the chunky boots and the nude heels. Definitely a suprise considering her style is generally quite OTT for me.


  8. These shoes are all really nice and surprisingly not (too) expensive. I love that there are some flat shoes in the collection, I really like those biker boots.

    Gillian x

  9. I think the only shoes I like here are the nude pair and I'm not completely impressed, I think Cheryl Coles time in the spotlight has been and gone to be honest and I can't really see her coming back as a designer.

  10. I really like the shoes in the photo best! Those leopard print boots look so painful to walk in!

  11. wowww can't choose!! I suppose I would wear the last pair more than the rest but.. who knows!!


  12. @Beth I love the Ri Ri boots, even though I don't think I'd be able to walk in them either they're gorgeous! x

    @Farrah Her Royal Hotness are such a beautiful design! x

    @Laura Yes the one's she's wearing in the photo are Her Royal Hotness in black. Such a gorgeous shoe! I think they've set separate prices aside from the usual deal price for Cheryl's collection. x

    @Winnie Haha yes I think the strap would help keep them on! x

    @Izumi The boots look stylish yet comfy :) x

    @Erin Great style inspiration choices, I love Blake Lively and Kate Middleton's style! x

    @Sarah I agree, I was surprised at how much I liked some of the designs! They're definitely more wearable than I'd imagined! x

    @Gillian Yes it's great to see some flat boots included to! x

    @Jasmine I was surprised how much I liked some of the designs in the collection! x

    @ Sophie Isobel The one's she's wearing in the photo are my favourite, or the Ri Ri boots, the do look so high to walk in though! x

    @MrsBitchface The Biker boots look really comfy and perfect for the cold winter! x

  13. Ughhhh, she is so gorgeous. Those Byker Grove boots are HOT. I can think of a ton of outfits to wear them with. I also like the Ri Ri booties. Meow.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. LOVe Cheryl Cole! She's gorgeous!
    I love those nude heels!


  15. personally, mine is that blush pair. I saw it in black, and I like this color better-- the details just stand out much more! LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  16. oooo i want all of them. great picks. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo

  17. @Sophie They look so comfy! x

    @Bonnie I agree they'd look great styled with lots of outfits, I love the Ri Ri boots, however I don't think my feet would agree! x

    @Lauren The nude heels are gorgeous! x

    @Laura I agree, I prefer them in blush, they look that little bit more special :) x

  18. I like the fact the are all wearable, I really like the Glam Slam pair !

  19. @Molly The glam slam design is lovely, perfect for Christmas nights out :) x

  20. The nude heels are ridiculously gorgeous! I adore the ankle strap! And those Glam Slams are freakin' hot. I love the sequins and that delightfully chunky heel!



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