Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Perfect Fit?

Marks & Spencer have recently launched a 'personalised fit' service meaning online shoppers can customise certain items to get the best fit for their body shape. This is currently available for jeans, black trousers and a black dress.

You can create your own perfect fit little black dress, their website guides you through this process step by step helping you choose the style of your dress.

You can choose from a V neck crossover dress or a square neck fitted A-line style, it points out which shape would best flatter your figure if your unsure which option to choose.

It also lets you select the sleeve length which is ideal if you'd prefer to cover up with a longer sleeve or opt for a shorter sleeved dress.

You can select the length of the dress which is perfect if like me that a dress that's meant to be a shorter style often ends up falling below your knees!

The black dress costs £35.00 which I don't think is too bad for a customised fit staple LBD that could last you many seasons. 

I think the principle behind personalised fit is a great idea. I hate falling for an item an item only to try it on and be left thinking if only it was that little bit longer / shorter or cut slightly differently then it'd be perfect! This service appears to resolve some of these problems. 

I hope more retailers catch onto this idea of letting the customer personalise the fit of their clothes. It would make shopping much easier and mean you could buy that must have item knowing it would look good on you!

Do you get tired of not being able to find the right fit when shopping?

Would you like to see more stores offering a similar service?



  1. nice post :) i have such an awkward body shape so this would be wonderful for me xxx

  2. Saw this in a magazine the other day and thought it was really cool, but am wondering if it's basically like 10 different dresses, rather than a personalised dress item if you know what I mean? I'm gonna go nosy on the website now! I'd love to see some other stores do similar things, or in fact I'd just like all stores to add an inch to their skirts & dresses so things didn't look so obscene on me!!x

  3. @Beth Yeah I hope more shops start to offer a similar service, it would make shopping so much easier! x

    @Celia I think they're just doing it with the black dress, black trousers and jeans at the moment but I hope other places will follow and start to offer it with their clothes too! It'd be even better if they took it a step further and you really could personalise the design on a dress! x

  4. I love it when designers and online shops let you custom design your own garment whether it be for the fit or for style.. Although sometimes it is too expensive!

    Love! ~Angel

  5. I love LBDs, and this is awesome that they personalize the dress for you. I have never custom designed anything, but I would love to have the chance sometime.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I gave you an award! Go to my blog if you want to check it out :)

  7. this is ingenious! I really love it when people have more control over how things fit on them. It's great that bigger brands are doing this too... like Levis with their new jeans line!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  8. I like the V neck with the short sleeves

  9. This looks really interesting!

  10. chic and elegant dress! Black always is the king


  11. Hey Caroline! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) I think M&S have really got their act together recently & are starting to launch some innovative ideas.
    Come follow me hun & I'll follow you right back xoxo

  12. @Angel Me too, though yeah it's not so good when it gets really expensive! x

    @Bonnie You can never have too many LBDs. I love how you can choose the style of this one so its right for you! x

    @Caity Thanks for reading! :) x

    @Laura Yeah I hope more brands start to do this soon too, I'm sure it'd be popular! x

    @Sanna I think it's great that you can pick just how you'd like the dress to look! x

    @Cherry I hope that they introduce it with more items soon and that other shops start to offer a similar service. x

    @Sick By Trend I agree, you can't go wrong with a LBD! x

    @Adele M&S have come a long way over the last couple of years, I think it's no longer the sort of shop younger people wouldn't consider shopping in, the have some lovely items and I think the idea behind perfect fit is great, really lets the customer get involved! x

  13. I think this is a great idea and the dresses look pretty!

    A "Thing To Wear"

  14. Hmmm M@S seems to keep on getting better and better these days, that's actually a nice touch. HAPPY C.ULTED FRIDAY! x

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

  15. I think this is such a good idea!
    Especially cause then you have a say too, as to what you want it like!
    I for one, know that my bodyshape is different in each shop (and my waist is different to my ass!) so trying to find a skirt that fits over my ass but STILL goes in at the waist is a nightmare.. so M&S have really stepped up there game!

  16. @Leonie Yeah I hope more stores start offering a similar service soon! x

    @Viva V They really do seem to be getting better and better, I keep seeing too many lovely things I want to buy in there! x

    @Katy I tend to favour dresses as I agree skirts can be a pain to get the right fit but something like this where you get to choose the fit would really help! x


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