Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Keep Calm And Carry On Baking

In celebration of National Baking Week, 17th-23rd October, I thought I'd share some bake ware that's recently caught my eye!

Fondant Fancy Cases - Lakeland - £4.99
Create your own delicious fondant fancy's with this set of 12 silicone cases

Photobucket  Photobucket
Percy Pig Cake Mould Large - Marks & Spencer - £5.00
Percy Pig Cake Mould Small - Marks & Spencer - £7.50
My favourite sweet treat Percy has his own baking range. Make a Percy Pig shaped cake with the large mould. The small moulds are ideal for creating chocolate Percy's

Love Heart Measuring Spoons - Confetti - £1.99
These sweet measuring spoons stack together for easy storage and measure 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1tsp and 1tbspn

Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters - John Lewis - £5.50
I love Hello Kitty and was excited to discover these items! The tin contains 5 cutters for making your own Kitty shaped biscuits

Hello Kitty Cake Mould - John Lewis - £3.50
The mould has detailed features so you can create your own Hello Kitty cake

Provence Rose Cake Stand - Cath Kidston - £25.00
This pretty Cath Kidston stand is perfect for serving afternoon tea or displaying your freshly baked cakes

Pink Hearts Cake Tins - Emma Bridgewater - £30.00
 This set of 3 cake tins are ideal for storing your baking and will look great on your worktop too!

All this talk of baking and looking at delicious cakes has inspired me to dust off the recipe books and get baking this weekend!


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Are you doing anything to celebrate National Baking Week?
What have you been baking recently?



  1. Cute stuff! I've just made my very first cake last week and it turned out really good, so now I'm kind of obsessed with baking, haha. :D


  2. It's NAtional BAKING week? What? How was I not aware of this?!? There are a lot of lovely things on this post! I'm really eyeing those Hello Kitty cookie cutters (but you already knew that)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  3. The Hello Kitty cookie cutters are too cute! I've just recently started to use silicone cases [I've just moved into the 21st century haha] for making muffins, they're amazing!x

  4. chocolate percy pigs sounds like a genius idea :) xx

  5. So fun!! Hopefully, national baking week is followed by national cardio week.


  6. @Sandra Glad your cake turned out well :) I love Baking, especially cakes and biscuits! x

    @Laura Haha do not fear, there's still time to get involved! I thought of you when I saw the hello kitty stuff, glad you like! x

    @Celia I really want to get the Hello Kitty cutters, they'd make the cutest biscuits! The silicone cases are great when it comes to having to get your cakes out! x

    @Beth I want to get the mould and try it out, they'd make great christmas presents! x

    @Joan Haha I could probably do with that! It doesn't sound quite as fun though! x

  7. National baking week? Sounds like a great week to me, maybe I should do some baking then :)

    I love this stuff, that cake stand is lovely!


  8. How fun! If I had cute baking tools like this, I might be more willing to bake. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Ohh wow, love the french fancies AND A PIG TIN.. Amazing!! Wasn't aware of baking week, wish I had time these days!!


  10. I've always loved cake stands, they're so elegant. Unfortunately, I don't generally entertain for that many people that I would require one.


  11. All these things are so cute! I love the fondant fancy cases. I love baking and always enjoy it when I find time to do it xx

  12. I was in mood of cooking yesterday, it's so much fun.

  13. oh sweetie, such a lovely post! i love to bake and i'm happy about the coming christmas baking sessions

  14. Sweet picks for a fantastic week, I LOVE baking! That cake stand and those tins are my favorite. The stand reminds me of one my nana used to use during teas she hosted.

  15. Oh dear, I also love Hello Kitty! Amazing found!!! Well, nowdays, I'm eating more what someone bake than baking by myself! hahaha

    Have a lovely day, dear!

  16. Yum! Encourages me to go and get in the kitchen :) love the cute tins and the little cases :)

    Oh and that last photo - YUM


  17. @Niina Yeah you should join in and do some baking too! I love the cake stand, I'm a big Cath Kidston fan, just wish it was a big cheaper! x

    @Bonnie Haha yeah it's definitely encouraged me to get baking! x

    @Sarah I love French Fancies, I'm tempted to buy the cases and attempt making my own! x

    @Jax I really want one even though I don't technically need one! It'd make me bake more as I'd always want to have lovely cakes out on it! x

    @Lauren Me too! I'm hoping to fit some in this weekend! x

    @Tereza Yeah I'm in the mood for baking after finding these! x

    @Knalleffekt I can't wait for Christmas, I love making gingerbread men and other festive treats! x

    @Cara The stand looks so elegant, it'd be perfect for an afternoon tea. x

    @Cri Glad you like the hello kitty items :) I definitely seem to eat other peoples baking more than I get chance to do my own, hoping to remedy this though! x

    @Sarah The photo's from the hummingbird bakery, best cupcakes I've had in London, though I seem to be on a bit of a mission to sample them all! x

  18. Awh the little pretty pictures look so Cute! Love your blog btw x

  19. i love all the cake stands, I think they are perfect to offer cupcakes, cakes and so on... what you have picked is simply adorable
    enyoy your day
    Sara C.

  20. @Sharmin Discovering these is making me want to buy them all! x

    @Sara I love cake stands, especially when they're filled with lovely cakes, they can look so elegant and great for afternoon tea or at parties! x

    @Cherry I haven't had a fondant fancy in ages but they're amazing! x

  21. im in love with all of these! super cute :') definitely following and thankyou for my comment :D xx

  22. @Gem I want to go out and buy them all! x

  23. This post mega excites me! Because I am a baking whore. I now want everything on this post! x

  24. @Katy Haha, I'm definitely going to be putting some of these on my Christmas list! x


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