Friday, 14 October 2011

Get The Look... Glittery Heels

Glittery heels are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit. With the Christmas party season fast approaching when could be a better time to treat yourself to a pair! Create a glamorous look by wearing them with a simple understated dress or cropped trousers to show them off and let them shine. 

Designer to the stars Christian Louboutin is renowned for his gorgeous shoe collections and amongst these his stunning glittery creations.
Sarah Jessica Parker wore glittering gold pointed Louboutins when she reprised her role as shoe lover Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City 2'  

Christian Louboutin - £2,095
These beautiful peep toes are encrusted with bronze Swarovski crystals

There are some fabulous glittery heels available on the high street meaning you can indulge your inner Cinderella and dazzle without putting a serious dent in your overdraft!




  1. The first heels are gorgeous! X Iris

  2. LOvely sparkly shoes!I think definitely they would be a great add on for the holidays!
    Thank u for the nice comments, come back and follow me:)xo

  3. I love the first heels!

  4. I love sparkley shoes for Christmas parties! I got some similar to the first Topshop ones from New Look last year, can't wait to wear them again in a month or two xxx

  5. I love glitter heels to look at but never feel comfortable when I wear them. Strange...

  6. Those purple ones look amazing! Too bad I can't walk in heels :(

    Have a lovely Saturday night! /Niina

  7. oh, i love the glitter heels. perfect to pimp up a outfit

  8. Definitely lusting over the Swagger Platforms, so nice!
    Hannah x

  9. I love glittery shoes i'm tempted to buy some brogues for casual wear then some killer heels this christmas! Who can resist a bit of glitter at that time of the year haha ;) xx

  10. I just love all those glittery shoes!

  11. Ooh such a gorgeous little bit of sparkle to my day! Made me think of wizard of Oz ;) <3 love number 3 and 5 especially! You pick such gorgeous stuff always leave your blog wanting to go shopping :p


  12. I adore every shoe posted especially the first Topshop shoe <3

  13. The purple ones are gorgeous, not sure I'd have the guts to wear them outside though haha!

  14. Love the first heels! Glittery shoes are so in this winter. Will jazz up any outfit.x

  15. @Iris They're soo beautiful!x

    @Natasha Yeah they'll be perfect for the holiday season! x

    @Anita Me too! x

    @Emily I agree glittery shoes are the perfect choice for Christmas parties, I really must buy some this year and have plenty I'm lusting over now! x

    @Tereza Thanks for reading, I want to buy them all! x

    @Hazel They are the sort of shoes that are fab just to stare at! x

    @Niina I really like the purple ones, they're a bit different with the sparkley heel! I'm rubbish in heels but when they're this pretty my rational goes out of the window! Hope you've had a lovely weekend too! :) x

    @Knalleffekt Yeah they really make an outfit! x

    @Hannah Louise The Swagger platforms are one of my favourites, so sparkley! x

    @Becky Yeah you should get the brogues too, I've seen lots of nice glitzy ones in the shops! I agree who can resist at this time of year! x

    @Sandra Thank you hun, me too! x

    @Sarah Ahh yes they are quite dorothy-esque! I like no3 as there not too high and no5 look smart as well as being glitzy! Aww thank you hun :) It's the same when I visit your blog, I'm always thinking ooh I must look for that when I'm next shopping, we're going to have to form some sort of shopaholic self help group haha! x

    @Lidiya The topshop ones do look extra special, I bet they'd really catch the light and sparkle! x

    @Celia Aww they're too pretty to hide away! x

    @Katy Yeah they really will add some sparkle to an outfit, love those topshop ones! x

  16. The first and the fourth ones are my favourites! I really want some, they are all gorgeous!
    Abigail xx

  17. I love sparkly shoes and am thinking of investing in a pair for the festive season. Fancy some gold ones!

  18. It's the perfect accessory to spruce up any look. i just saw a DIY on how I can add glitter to the heel and the sole of my pumps. It's definitely something I want to try out. You've posted some great options here!

  19. I guess a sparkly heels is perfect to add a little glamour to your look!


  20. You cannot forget the blingy Miu Mius that are so hot right now! Glittery heels are super fun, and they work for either day or night.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  21. Loveee girly glitter. Miu Miu's sparkly heels are my obsession.

  22. NOw, I'mreally wanting a pair! THey are absolutely amazing in a outfit!!!!!

    HAve a lovely day,

  23. Really cute heels, great for Christmas parties!

  24. Thanks for commenting on my blog (! Working in an ice cream is definitely a lot of fun haha! I love those purple shoes from schuh! I think I may need to get those beauties! :) Tilly M x

  25. You can never have too much glitter in your life, I love sparkly shoes! Wish I could afford a pair of the Louboutin ones!

  26. @Abi I really love those first topshop ones and the purple ones with the glitzy heel are really eye catching! x

    @Sophie Me too, I'm definitely hoping to get some this year! x

    @Marley Simone Wow that sounds like a great tip on customising your own shoe to make it glitzy, you can make your own Louboutin inspired shoes! x

    @Stevia Yeah I think they can really make an outfit! x

    @Bonnie I love the sparkly Miu Miu's , If only I could afford a pair they would be mine! x

    @Jax You've got great taste, they are such gorgeous shoes!! x

    @Cri Thank you, I really want to go and buy some now! x

    @Cherry They're ideal for the festive season! x

    @Tilly No problem! Glad to hear the job is going well, you could buy those purple beauties with your wages! x

    @Gillian, I agree, you can never have too much glitter! I wish I could afford the Louboutin's too, they're so beautiful, I'd want to wear them everyday! x

    @Paola Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed! x

  27. I love #7!! And of course it's one of the most expensive ones. Just my luck haha.

  28. @Courtney Haha oh no always the way! They are such a gorgeous gold colour and look a bit easier for walking in with the chunky heel! x

  29. Oh wow - I think 1-7 are my favourites, what would they look like if/after the glitter wore away though ? Hmm!! xx

  30. I love love love SJP, and I'm particularly lovin' #7! I'm so glad we were able to connect on ifb - Great blog!

  31. @Sarah Haha yeah that would not be good!! x

    @Blondehaus Glad you enjoyed reading, no7 are such a gorgeous glittery gold! x

  32. I've never really liked heels because I'm kind of a klutz, and but Louis Vuitton shoes are wow, they're just way too expensive, your alternatives are great though!
    Farrah's Muse

  33. @Farrah I'm not the best at walking in heels either! Yeah I think the cheaper alternatives are the way forward! x


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