Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hello Kitty For Liberty

At the beginning of this week my favourite feline, Hello Kitty launched a limited edition range at London department store Liberty.

The collection encompasses iconic Liberty fabrics given a modern twist featuring Hello Kitty, and a range of luxury gifts including stationary, toiletries, cosmetics and bags. 

Pink Karenkubo Liberty Art Fabric - £21
"Karenkubo is a new adaptation of a floral from 1933, which has been given a special Hello Kitty twist"

Blue Apple Tree Liberty Art Fabric - £21
"Apple Tree is a new adaptation of a design produced in 1934, featuring one of Kitty's favourite foods"

Kitty Wonderland Liberty Art Fabric - £21
"Kitty Wonderland depicts Kitty's fantasy land with all her favourite toys"

Orange Kitty Town Liberty Art Fabric - £21
"Kitty Town print features all Kitty's family and friends in the setting of a quaint English village"

Look After Your Pennies Coin Purse - £8
Keep your change safe in this sweet Hello Kitty purse

Happy Holidays Travel Set - £12
Ensure you don't loose your passport and make your luggage stand out with this cute passport holder and luggage tag

Perfect for carrying your shopping round town, this bag comes with a matching zip case in the shape of Hello Kitty's bow for easy storage

Box Of Treats Mini Bath Collection - £10
Relax and enjoy these bath time treats! The set contains a mini body wash, bubble bath, body scrub, body butter and comes with an organza body puff

The Hello Kitty range is available at Liberty for two weeks from 26th September

Are you a Hello Kitty fan too?



  1. Oh Caroline I'm so envious of you - I have seen all the press releases and had to say no to the launch and I'm desperate to see this.
    I love Liberty and the prints (I could live there)

  2. I love the slightly more grown up feel of this hello-kitty selection! Still quirky and fun but a little more chic... the perfect combination infact!


  3. OMG I love Lyberty print and hello Kitty, so this is just perfection! <3<3

  4. Awww, these are cute!!! I think that I will always love Hello Kitty. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. oh wow... these are gorgeous fabrics! I am a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty :) YOu already know that... hahaha! I used to work at a Sanrio store when I was in high school and got first dibs on HK special items produced in Japan. Those usually had exquisite fabrics like these. Soooo gorgeous!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  6. ooh i would love some of the fabric in the top picture, i have got such a stash of fabric though, i really need to get making with some of it!

  7. Cute stuff!

  8. love the fact they're bringing hello kitty in!

  9. gorgeous patterns! i have to cut down on hello kitty stuff cause it's just lying around and i am too old for it! but they are sooo cute!

    London Last Night

  10. @Dinky It's such a lovely collection, wish it was for longer than 2 weeks! x

    @Sarah Haha yes it means I can justify buying Hello Kitty things without thinking but these are meant for children! x

    @Love Sushi and Fashion It's is lovely I agree, such gorgeous prints! x

    @Naomi Me too! x

    @Bonnie Yeah I think I will always be a Hello Kitty fan! x

    @Laura I LOVED your fancy dress outfit, you looked amazing! Ahh wow I bet that must have been cool working at the Sanrio store, I would have been spending my wages buying everything! x

    @Char That pink fabric is lovely ( as they all are!) I wish I was handier with a sewing machine so I could whip something up with it! x

    @Jade Thanks for reading! x

    @Cami Thanks for reading, I'm not based in Cardiff but I'm sure you'll find lot's of lovely bloggers who are :) x

    @Cherry It's such a cute purse, really tempted to buy it! x

    @t I want to buy it all! x

    @Vanessa Yeah I was so excited to hear they were launching a Hello Kitty collection! x

    @London Loves Ahh you're never too old for Hello Kitty :) x


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